Duy Dao5/15/2020

A protest for the digital generation

If there was ever a time to reflect on the negative impact we humans (just one of over 8.7+ million species occupying this beautiful planet) have had on the place we call home, it is right now. And if there was ever a time to truly see how amazing planet Earth is, that’s also right now.

Throughout this global pandemic staying locked down may have seemed like an eternity to some, but in the grand scheme of things has been incredibly short. And already we have seen how fast the Earth can repair itself.

Air quality everywhere, even in those most polluted places, has transformed from highly toxic to crystal clear. Animals are roaming to places that they never dared to travel. And the world’s largest ozone hole is disappearing at a great pace. Just a few months ago, all these natural phenomena seemed impossible with our capitalistic speed of life.

My friends and I often joke that this is Mother Earth's way of giving us humans an old-school 'detention'. So she, and her other "children", can have some quiet time to recover from all the pain that we have intentionally and unintentionally caused her over the years.

And as this beautiful planet is ‘Repairing’ herself physically, us humans should also take this time to repair ourselves. Not physically, but mentally, by transforming our outdated mindset. To realise that our predatory relationship with our only home, can’t continue as it is without catastrophic consequences.

Global warming is no longer an issue that can be discussed today and addressed tomorrow. It needs to be one of the first and foremost issues that captures our attention, focus and collective action globally.

That is why I got involved with the ‘Mate Act Now’ an initiative originally started by Chris Flack after seeing the devastation the Australian bushfires caused.

Wanting to do something positive, Christian took pen to paper in his most familar medium - by creating a poster. With the help of his 2-year-old son Leo, the words ‘CLIMATE ACTION NOW’ turned into ‘MATE ACT NOW’: a rallying cry which has triggered a worldwide poster protest.

Mate Act Now is our global stance, as designers from all the world, a chance to tap into our innate talents to bring awareness, understanding and unity towards taking care of our planet. An issue that affects us all and one we should all care about.

'Repairing' is my contribution.

All posters designed are free to be shared, printed and downloaded. Democratising design to bring it to the streets, to demand action via protest to our governments, to finally take care of our home.

Go to to get involved

Mate Act Now

100 of the Mate Act Now posters have been collated into a limited edition publication, designed by Studio South’s Liam Ooi and printed using BJ Ball’s eco-friendly papers. The book is available to purchase at, with proceeds going to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

The website is also home to the entire collection of posters, which can be downloaded for free in the hope that they’ll be shared across social media, strengthening the collective fight against climate change.

“Designers throughout history have turned to the humble poster in the time of need,” he says. “Climate change is our current biggest problem – this project is the simplest way to start a global conversation.”

Chris Flack, CEO, Mate Act Now

By Duy Dao5/15/2020

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