WFH Week One: Learning to adapt


Week one done. Most of the world’s working remotely, and it’s been a week like no other. From virtual workshops to remote Friday drinks, our 9-5 has changed in ways we might have laughed at just a month ago. We’re relieved (and proud) to see that instead of just surviving to tell the tale, we’ve been thriving.

As a company, Covid19 hasn’t stopped us getting together on a regular basis – all 78 of us. Our Mondays have been kicking off as normal with a rundown of ongoing work, the same as our Friday roundups. Once the novelty backgrounds stop being entertaining, these giant web meets will become part of our everyday.

While our designers work together all week, it’s important smaller departments still have some kind of human contact every day! We’ve been checking in with each other every morning via company-wide channels, and sharing anything interesting or helpful we come across. I think we’ve all been touched by each other’s support at some point during the week, even if it’s just been a music suggestion.

Project-wise, we’ve found ways to carry on with the parts of the process that make us ‘us’. We’ve been constantly sharing work within teams, keeping video calls open for the impromptu chats needed to push things along at speed. Even our immersions and workshops have been made possible with creative remote techniques, showing us that collaborations with clients don’t need to stop – or become flat. Our partnerships have strengthened, as everyone both in and outside DesignStudio has thrown themselves into the new virtual workspace without a complaint.

Ultimately, we’re all hugely lucky to be spending our days doing creative work, and it’s exciting to be in conversation with new clients despite wider world events. We’re always interested in flipping roadblocks into positive opportunities – especially with organisations that could potentially have a big impact on their sectors in coming months, such as food delivery providers. Of course, none of us know how long Work From Home will last, or the ways in which it will affect us long-term, but as long as our culture stays the same, we’re confident about the year ahead.

This week’s favourites:

Long live the lunch table

We like eating together, but there’s no reason this can’t carry on. We’ve been doing Hangouts lunches with whoever can make it and we’re all getting a simultaneous Deliveroo on Friday.

Virtual DS School

Somewhere for the tips, tricks, and tutorials we’d usually swap in person. Watch this space for more on this idea.


Nothing like a bit of satire when the days are long. It’s the only time we can justify an internal channel dedicated to morale-boosting memes and organised fun.

By DesignStudio3/23/2020

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