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DesignStudio 3/17/2020

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone. On a day that is usually filled with such happiness, socialising and celebration we have all been advised by the authorities to exercise social distancing and work from home where possible.

DesignStudio is no different. In the interest of the health and wellness of all of our employees globally, we are going to do something which will be a first for us and we will all work from home. The vibe of our studios is something we pride ourselves on. It’s an environment where creativity thrives and everyone feels empowered to be themselves. It has built lasting friendships among our people, as well as externally with our clients.

One of our major values is ‘Better Together’ and it is really important to us that we continue to work collaboratively, to maintain the standard of work that defines our studios, as well as the culture that harbours our creativity.

We prefer to do things face-to-face and in person, but at DesignStudio where around 80% of our clients are based outside of the UK, successful collaborations with those based in markets like China and India have always relied on innovations to get sessions just right. We have been running virtual workshops, interviews and strategy sessions as well as creative shares, stand-ups and playbacks for some time.

Yesterday whilst we were all physically present in our respective offices, (London, Sydney, New York and San Francisco) we tested out the best tools and tech to help us maintain our internal working practices.

What was really interesting, was how quickly and effectively we adopted these tools, how we figured out any issues and how we made it work.

Design-thinking is all about solving problems creatively and that is what we continue to do, together. Whatever the problem.

Whilst this is an extremely strange time for everyone, we at DesignStudio want to keep ‘business as usual’ as much as possible. We’re all in this together and we’ll continue to share stories of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, the work we’re producing. And also showcase our new ‘satellite studios’ which have now popped up in DesignStudio homes around the world.

By DesignStudio 3/17/2020

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