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Spirit of the role

A Design Director at DesignStudio is a key leadership role crucial to teams and client relationships, as well as design outcomes.

As a Design Director you will lead multidisciplinary teams to deliver incredible work throughout all stages of the creative process; immersion, strategy, expression and implementation.

You know how to work with people to get the best out of them and maintain great studio vibes. You are a compelling storyteller and a brilliant designer. You are flexible and willing to direct the development of concepts across strategy, copy and design - inspiring others to think laterally to evolve big ideas.

You encourage cutting edge creativity, and motivate your teams to go beyond current trends. You enjoy interacting, presenting and workshopping with clients. You’re confident and can develop positive, natural relationships.


Leading creative teams across multiple projects (2–5 depending on scale) through every stage to deliver outstanding work; from immersion to implementation.

Maintaining a high level of craft and executing the creative vision of projects along with the CDs. Assessing and engaging with appropriate partners/suppliers to maintain quality control.

Taking ownership of project delivery ensuring work gets delivered to a high standard, on time whilst conscious of commercial obligations.

Create and build strong client relationships working with the client services team and CDs to ensure smooth running of projects and ongoing relationships.

Developing talent Hiring, training, reviewing and managing the ongoing development of the creative team. Providing direction and insight to Creative Directors with regards to staff performance and needs.

Identifying and escalating issues within the team to CDs as appropriate Line managing creative team giving them guidance, energy and direction.

Be a catalyst for culture by creating the environment and opportunities for good vibes to thrive.

Developing new business by informing proposals and project planning

Directing the marketing of work and case studies for projects

Building and nurturing creative culture within DesignStudio

Key skills and qualifications

Proven experience You’ve consistently delivered incredible, effective creative work. Experience in directing design teams to deliver brand projects for international clients. Proven skills and competencies within design discipline. You’ll most likely have at least 8 years of industry experience.

Transformation expertise Able to guide clients through complex stakeholder engagement and/or cultural change.

Master storyteller Excellent presenter, writer and communicator able to construct a strong and persuasive argument with logic and imagination.

Flexibility Able to flex and be confident working within any industry, with any type of client, anywhere in the world (from startups to corporations to schools and beyond). Able to jump on the tools when necessary to support the team.

Time efficient and competent Able to juggle several tasks with ease, prioritize work-streams, delegate effectively, meet deadlines. Strong organizational skills and a calm demeanour.

Inspiring portfolio High quality of work demonstrating unique, conceptual, crafted approaches. An inspiring portfolio demonstrating versatility, experimentation, system thinking and energy. Significant brand and digital projects, recognised as excellent within the industry. Awards are a bonus.

Experienced leader You’re a natural collaborator and a proven leader. You are at ease with multidisciplinary teams and can bring energy and enthusiasm to all stages of the creative process.

Outstanding facilitator Confident running interviews, workshops and interactions with senior clients (C-suite), enabling creative leaps and break through political impasses.

Commercial savvy Able to design and build a commercial plan for a project with views to grow it into a long term client relationship.

Large toolkit Proficient with the tools of the trade and confident to go beyond, discovering new ones and developing your own (making films, prototypes, animating, coding).


  • Visionary and inspiring
  • Energetic and relentlessly optimistic
  • Dedicated and passionate about culture and design
  • Autonomous and self motivated
  • Highly flexible and adaptable to challenges
  • Can balance the micro and the macro
  • Empathetic and emotionally sensitive
  • Curiosity and deep interest in the world
  • Enjoys reflection and likes to understand why
  • Open to experimentation, new viewpoints and ways of working
  • Often challenges the status quo constructively
  • Collaborative and a team player
  • High level of professionalism
  • Good time management and organisation

How to apply

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