Mid-level Strategist

New York

Spirit of the role

As a Strategist you will be the heart of the strategic output of our projects. Creating the work that underpins any project with strategic rigour, you will be relied upon for all aspects of strategy, from insight gathering to framework building.

We expect you to drive ideas, form compelling narratives and enable effective strategic solutions.

You will support the Senior Designers and wider team by answering briefs with strategic solutions to a very high standard.

You will flex between confidently working independently and as part of a larger strategic team, bringing enthusiasm and energy to any task or project.

Your responsibilities

  • Delivering the strategic elements of a project in collaboration with the creative team
  • Plan and run immersion research (creating and facilitating strategic workshops, stakeholder interviews etc)
  • Create compelling brand strategy that the creative team can take meaningful action from (positioning, propositions, user experiences, information architecture etc)
  • Hold the strategic project knowledge and unlock the potential for strategy throughout all stages of a project
  • Support with new business and proposals

Key skills and qualifications

  • In touch with the world: you know what’s going on in the world, what’s new, what’s old, and what’s coming next
  • Good facilitator: able to design and run workshops, enabling creative leaps and break through political impasses
  • Great storyteller: excellent presenter, writer and communicator who is able to construct a strong and persuasive argument with logic and imagination
  • Flexibility: able to flex and be confident working within any kind of industry, with any type of person, anywhere in the world (from startups to corporations to schools and beyond)
  • Efficiency: able to juggle several tasks with ease, prioritize work-streams with strong organizational skills
  • Solid toolkit: proficient with the tools of the trade and confident to go beyond, discovering new ones and developing your own (making films, prototypes, research methodologies etc)
  • Experience: you’ve tackled many types of strategic challenge and are always open to new ones (branding, business, information architecture, user experience, naming etc), most likely you’ll have at least two years of professional experience (not necessarily in brand)

Qualities of a DS strategist

  • A no-nonsense approach to strategy
  • Strive for clarity over complexity
  • Balance intuition and intellect
  • Curiosity and deep interest in the world
  • A unique point of view
  • Open to new viewpoints, ideas and ways to work
  • Highly adaptable to any project, task or situation
  • Happy to get hands dirty
  • A ‘get stuff done’ attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Confident and self motivated
  • Able to work independently and collaboratively
  • Well organized
  • Highly design literate, with an understanding of brand

How to apply

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