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Hiring Mid-weight Digital Designer for DesignStudio London Design Studio

Midweight Digital Designer


As a Midweight Digital Designer you will be at the heart of the studio’s interactive output. Creating work that drives projects forward, you will be relied upon to answer design briefs with creative solutions to a high standard.

Bringing ideas, energy and solid design skill to any task; from immersion, to strategy, to expression and implementation.

You are passionate about technology and innovation, designing at the cutting edge of what’s possible and embracing emerging platforms in your creative thinking. User challenges drive your decisions, championing UX thinking when solving a client’s challenges.

You collaborate well with designers, strategists and other team members. You happily interact with clients and suppliers.

Key qualities

  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Dedicated and passionate about culture and design
  • Proactive and self-motivated
  • Willing to work on anything
  • Highly flexible and adaptable to challenges
  • Relentlessly learning
  • Curiosity and a deep interest in the world
  • Open to experimentation, new viewpoints and ways of working
  • Able to question and challenge briefs and solve design problems creatively
  • Collaborative and a team player
  • High level of professionalism
  • Good time management and organisation
  • Take initiative and be self-motivated


Generate ideas

and interesting creative work with strong conceptual foundations.

Provide a digital perspective

and valuable input across all stages of a project; from immersion to implementation.

Prepare and present work

putting together materials for pitches, presentations and workshops.

Take responsibility to hit deadlines

being aware of timings and being punctual.

Support team members

across the design and client service teams to meet collective goals.

Manage external suppliers

to ensure they deliver to good standards.

Go on immersion trips

with design teams to collect primary research for projects, wherever clients may be.

Be culturally connected

understanding new waves and trends. Attend events and exhibitions, and connect with universities and design institutions.

Actively contribute

to DS culture.

Key skills and requirements


Must have a passion for digital design and show an ability to learn and develop. Most likely you'll have at least 2-3 +years of industry experience.

High quality portfolio

Work should demonstrate a user-centric design approach and a well-crafted execution. Work should show experimentation, versatility and energy.

People skills

Comfortable working as a team and confident taking part in interviews, workshops and interactions with clients.


Able to flex and be confident working within any industry, with any type of client, anywhere in the world.

Confident presenter

Proven ability to present clearly and show experience internally and externally. Able to put an attractive and compelling presentation together.

Critical thinker

Able to question and challenge briefs, and solve design problems creatively.

Solid tool-kit

High level of skill in design and prototyping programs (Figma, InVision, Principle).

Bonus tool-kit

Experience in animation, coding and interaction design a bonus.

Midweight Digital Designer

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