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A story of connection: Telenor appoints DesignStudio as global brand partner Design Studio

A story of connection: Telenor appoints DesignStudio as global brand partner

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  • 24/03/2022

What would we do without phones? Without catch-ups, meet-ups, group chats, that video literally everyone's talking about? What would we even do?

Connection is a necessity. And when connection is accessible to everyone, we get the good stuff: a world of possibilities. That's what Telenor is all about.

With operations that span Norway to Bangladesh, Telenor is one of the biggest telecoms companies in the world.

But they want to be number one wherever they operate. To do that, brand had to become a major focus for them. They needed to unify their markets around a best-in-class new brand that was digital-first. DesignStudio has entered the chat.

Appointed by Telenor at the end of 2020 as its global design partner, our collaboration so far has spanned two continents and involved diving into a range of projects.

First port of call in our long-term partnership — the brand refresh.

Because of the vastly different markets it operates in, Telenor needed something that could be applied to the brand as leader in one market, a challenger in the next, or anything in between. So they called on us to deliver a dynamic and flexible brand that each market can dip into according to their needs.

A bespoke new typeface. Iridescent 3D products. A tone of voice with something to say. A fresh new palette (which makes Telenor's iconic blue really pop.) A distinctive, modular layout system, where panels literally connect together to pair people, products, and possibilities — so every element links up to a wider brand world.

We crafted a brand to phone home about, marking the first milestone in our journey of transformation with Telenor.

Now, we're taking Telenor to the next level. By running global design drop-ins, collaborating on environments and brand architecture, and crafting a digital UI toolkit, we'll make sure Telenor's got the future on speed dial.

We couldn't have done this without our awesome partners. Thank you to the whole team at Telenor — and a special thanks to The Designers Foundry for our wonderful new font and Sam Vacquier and David Padilla for the beautiful CGI.

Vinay Mistry
Executive Creative Director