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DesignStudio x Kris Andrew Small: A New Era Design Studio

DesignStudio x Kris Andrew Small: A New Era

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  • 03/08/2022

Radical collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at DesignStudio. It’s been in our DNA from the beginning and it's something we believe in so vehemently that we have it emblazoned on the front page of our website. Collaboration is a natural part of our design process, no matter the scope of a project.

When we set out to launch our new offer internally to staff, we wanted to collaborate with someone we admired. Someone who we knew would push us to create exciting merchandise - Kris Andrew Small.

"Kris is an incredible artist and a wonderful human. When thinking about who we wanted to collaborate with for our first piece of merch, as part of the DS rebrand, he was the first person we thought of. His ability to blend strict typographic forms with irreverence and playfulness in unexpected ways lights us up. Plus, it was a great chance to poke a little fun at ourselves on a tote bag - who can say no to that?"

- James Duru, ECD of DesignStudio Sydney.

Kris Andrew Small

Who is Kris Andrew Small?

Kris Andrew Small is an artist and designer from Sydney, Australia, who is known for his playful, abstract and explosive art. Known to evoke meaning, creating pieces that allude to LGBTQIA+ awareness, Small strives to inspire widespread positivity, optimism and change through his work.

With an impressive portfolio, designing for corporate giants like Adidas, YouTube, Oreo and Reebok, we were incredibly excited to partner with Kris!

DesignStudio x Kris Andrew Small

Take a glance at our incredible merchandise collaboration:

DesignStudio x Kris Andrew Small
DesignStudio x Kris Andrew Small

And keep scrolling to see some of Kris’ work with other clients!