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Lending works is now Fluro Design Studio

Lending works is now Fluro

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  • 08/09/2022

In a world of old-fashioned and sometimes unethical financial services, Lending Works has always been different. A UK embedded lender, they are obsessively passionate about customer experience and using the latest technology and advanced data science to provide fair personal lending, in just a few clicks.

DesignStudio collaborated with Lending Works on a new brand positioning – Go ahead – that illuminates the way for customers to fulfil their ambitions. With simplicity and speed in mind, we defined a new name for the brand that resonated with smarter technology and brighter futures. Meet Fluro.

The Fluro name informed the brand’s new visual identity, acting as a guide to a brighter future. An innovative abstract motion gradient works powerfully in the digital space, providing a seamless brand experience through the coming together of design and technology; illuminating the way with a sense of momentum and movement.

Empowered with a brand that reflects the pioneering nature of the product, Fluro is armed to change the world of consumer finance and the lives of the customers it serves.