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Get ready for GrabFin... Design Studio

Get ready for GrabFin...

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  • 30/05/2022

Grab is a Singapore-founded, South-East Asian super app. Recorded on the Nasdaq last year, it was the largest listing by an SEA business in the market's history ($40B). Historically, their business has been built around two key areas; mobility (ride sharing, etc) and food delivery.

Over time, the business has developed a number of financial products and services around savings, credit and insurance - all with the express aim of helping create access to products and services for South East Asians. Over time, this grew into a huge number of sub-brands and product brands, making their proposition quite complex. DesignStudio worked with Grab over the course of 18 months to deeply understand their folio of brands, build a simplified architectural approach, name the consumer-facing brand for this grouping, build the brand for GrabFin and train teams across the region in its delivery.

You can read a bit more about it here!