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Our Latest Campaign for Spendesk: Pure Satisfaction Design Studio

Our Latest Campaign for Spendesk: Pure Satisfaction

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  • 25/07/2022

Earlier this year, Spendesk (the 7-in-1 spend management solution for small and medium-sized businesses) returned to DesignStudio to celebrate their freshly appointed unicorn status and create their largest multi-market brand campaign.

We've been collaborating with Spendesk since 2019 and, it's fair to say, there's never been a dull moment. Their ambition and eagerness to stand out only makes us push further to look for the unexpected and go beyond the typical B2B brief.

For the 2022 campaign, we wanted to focus on feelings and emotions over the services and functionalities of the tool.

So, we created the most satisfying campaign ever, sharing a sneak peek of how finance teams feel when using Spendesk. Showing something that our audience could dream of.

When you use Spendesk you save time, money and feel in control. It’s software you know you can trust. Everything in one place - So smooth. So easy. So satisfying.

We wanted to capture these moments of extreme relaxation and complete peace of mind in the campaign. Besides, what feels better than floating on an idyllic swimming pool under the warmth of the summer sun? Or the first taste of a refreshing ice cream, poolside, on a glorious sunny day?

We collaborated with the talented photographic duo Ilka & Franz who helped us bring to life our calm and serene visions of finance teams working away, in the zone, creating these enchantingly satisfying moments.

It's been an absolute pleasure to work on this campaign and see it brought to life in four different cities. If you're quick you can still find Spendesk all around London, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg. Now you have seen what satisfaction looks like, take five, and go get yourself an ice-cream. Bonus points if it's purple!