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Panasonic Pro Trimmer: The never ending canvas Design Studio

Panasonic Pro Trimmer: The never ending canvas

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  • 29/04/2022

Your hair is your canvas. You're free to experiment, to imagine, to dare. Each time it grows back, you can try something different. Or stick with your usual. Whatever suits you — the possibilities are endless.

That's why Panasonic have redefined hair clippers. The Pro Trimmer is the ultimate tool for hair stylists to express themselves, go beyond just cutting hair, and truly Make Art.

Continuing our relationship with Panasonic, they approached DesignStudio with the ambition of creating a provocative awareness campaign, high-end brand and key visuals that would elevate the Pro Trimmer to elite status.

We created a brand campaign composed of two halves. One half is about making: the functional, technical and precise aspects of hair. The other half is about what that leads to: art. Expressive, provocative and bold.

Combined, the brand celebrates the expertise and craft that the Pro Trimmer enables, and the endless creative possibilities unlocked as a result.

Incredibly engineered with the patented X Blade technology, the Pro Trimmer gives every stylist Constant Control, 360o Handling and Max Power.

That's where our icons come in. Easy to understand and designed to move, they bring the Pro Trimmer's technology to life.

When it came to shooting our models, we partnered with Panos Damaskinidis. The result is a sense of drama from each hairstyle, demanding your attention through contrasting hair length and vibrant colours.

Our photography is supported by a powerful graphic toolkit. Taking art galleries as inspiration, we paired bold colours and striking typography with beautiful 3D renders worthy of a place in a museum.

It's always incredibly exciting when clients want to push the boundaries of conventional styling and that's exactly what Panasonic wanted to do with this project. Their ambition to stand out in the professional grooming category is evident in the work and we couldn't be more proud.

As the new range of Pro Trimmers hits shelves around the world, DesignStudio is excited to continue our partnership with Panasonic, looking to the future at more exciting things to come.

We wanted to design elements as beautiful as the art created by the Pro Trimmer. Inspired by galleries and museums we have a bold design language that frames our craft across multiple campaigns.

We couldn't have done this without our awesome partners. Thank you to the whole team at Panasonic — and a special thanks to Panos Damaskinidis for our striking photography.

Vinay Mistry
Executive Creative Director