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Senior Writer Design Studio

Senior Writer


As a Senior Writer, you'll play a leading role shaping strategy, concepts, and how the brands we work with ultimately come across. You'll be comfortable working with members of every department and discipline, on every kind of project.

We expect you to take ownership of all things word-related, driving standards across the business, fighting for the value of good copy, and outwardly building DesignStudio's reputation for great writing. We also expect you to be comfortable pushing our writing into more experimental, unconventional directions. Bringing the same level of innovation we show in design, to our copy approach.

You'll be flexible enough to work at any stage of the creative process, from last-minute proof-reading to major pitch presentations. And through your writing you'll be able to amplify the ideas of others, or excite teams and clients with original, unexpected angles on any brief.

Key qualities

  • A genuine, infectious love of writing
  • Technically flawless
  • Writing that always flows/scans
  • Brevity
  • No set style
  • Proactivity
  • Interested in all aspects of creative
  • References from across culture
  • Aware of clich√© and tropes
  • Experimental with form
  • Ruthless self-editor
  • Fair editor of others
  • Fights for brilliant copy
  • Pragmatic about when to do so
  • Not fazed by multiple projects
  • Supportive of juniors
  • Can write without ego
  • Can stick to a brief accurately
  • Can rip up the brief occasionally
  • Has ideas to spare
  • Can lead teams
  • Frequently produces brilliant work
  • Drives DS writing to another level


Leading the verbal output of projects

Ensuring that at every stage you're involved in, from strategy through to final creative, all writing is of the highest standard possible.

Creating exciting start points

Often words start the creative process - as scripts or articulations of an idea. You're able to set the tone, and spark the creative energy needed at the start of any job.

Nailing the brief

Showing you can answer a brief accurately, whether it's from a client or a DS team.

Going beyond the brief

Spotting the opportunities to go above and beyond what's been asked for, and pushing work into more interesting, unexpected territories.

Articulating ideas from across the team

Helping strategists refine propositions, manifestos etc. Or helping designers capture their ideas in words.

Maintaining standards across the business

Improving writing wherever you see an opportunity or need to do so, even on projects that don't directly involve you.

Managing timings and deadlines

Working with client teams to set realistic standards, and then making sure work is delivered within them.

Bringing narrative to presentations

Giving presentations a clear logic and story, so they land with as much impact as possible.

Going on immersion trips

with project teams to collect research and fully understand a new client.

Key skills and requirements

A super-strong, super-varied background

Either through agencies and studios, adjacent industries, or formal training, you've proved you can write brilliantly across multiple forms, and can adapt to different ways of working.

Excellent portfolio

With notable work across all client types, from the technically demanding to the wildly expressive. But always with words or concepts that jump out. Not only great projects, but projects where your role was absolutely integral.

People skills

Comfortable plugging into teams, as a supporting or leading role. Able to fight for copy in the right way, yet also pragmatic when needed. Always excellent with clients.

Brilliant presenter

Able to tell a story or sell an idea brilliantly. Also able to adapt presentation style to different clients or situations.

Project juggler

Able to work across multiple projects - and manage multiple deadlines at one time.

Senior Writer

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