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Choco’s ambition is to lead the world’s transition towards sustainable food systems. To accommodate a growing population and reverse climate change, Choco is re-thinking how we (as a global society) produce, distribute, and consume food. By disrupting a trillion dollar industry, Choco and its users can have a dramatic impact on climate change. Naturally this caught our attention.

They needed our help with creating a new brand that would capture the energy and spirit of Chocorians, enable the Choco team to continue to grow globally at scale, and quickly articulate the benefit Choco can bring to the everyday processes of chefs and suppliers.

Our research process


The DS team met their match in Choco — full of energy, memes, and spirit, leading to a series of inspiring workshops and energetic conversations with investors, suppliers, and chefs.

We spent time getting to know dozens of Chocorians based all over the world, each with their own contagious spirit and commitment to the bigger mission, prepared to give it their all to make it a success. Their entrepreneurial drive and spirit matched their no-bullshit, straight-talking attitude, and we knew this had to come through in the brand.


At the end of the day, what Choco does is dead simple — they optimise everyday processes so systems can flow.

Seamlessly, smoothly, no hiccups. This was the obvious route for our brand concept — a holistic system that feels like it never stops. A toolkit where every element has been optimised, to evoke a sense of flow and ease.

Illustration animations
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First up there’s our no-nonsense wordmark and Choco-optimised stamp. We chose a chunky, attitudinal headline typeface that works in over 60 languages, with a back slant so it feels like it’s constantly in motion.

We marry this with a tone of voice that tells it like it is. Straight-talking and a little bit fiery, just like Choco users – or a chef at the start of a 10-hour shift.

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Our colours are bold, vibrant, and inspired by the world of food, and we’ve created illustrated sequences that loop satisfyingly. (Think: a good plan running like clockwork.) Our photography isn’t posed or static. The subjects we shoot are always mid-flow, right in the middle of doing something.

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We helped Choco bring to life across targeted advertising, future delivery vans, their own beer and employee cycling kit.

But the primary touchpoint for Choco is their app, which is super simple and easy to use. It’s a big selling point for chefs and suppliers – who’d usually be scribbling orders on the back of napkins or have to wait on long phone calls late at night.


The new brand helps Choco clearly communicate who they are, and how they can help buyers and suppliers get on with what matters most. Clearer messaging and a better brand system means more users can get on board, leading to less food waste and errors in orders across the globe.

It’s a brand that’s full of spice, energy and spirit, setting them up for their next phase of growth. We can’t wait to help Choco launch in all their markets around the world, and see what challenges they take on next.

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“We wanted to update our brand visually, along with the in-app experience, to reflect what Choco stands for as a company and our mission to reduce global food waste. DS helped us pull together this vast array of values, traits, and user types into a coherent visual identity that reflects the character of our industry, as well as our wider mission. In the end the concept of ‘flow’ best reflected the daily grind and hustler spirit marking out our industry and our internal values, particularly during times of crisis.”Daniel Khachab, CEO / Co-founder of Choco
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