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Cox is the third-largest cable television provider in the US, founded in 1962. In the last decade, the company expanded its product offering to high-speed internet, digital telecommunications, and home automation. 

But as the company grew, the identity system didn’t scale across applications and brand architecture became inconsistent. More than just a visual identity, Cox needed a clear strategic direction to enable future growth.


Through competitor analysis and close collaboration with Cox's team, we re-evaluated the way that people use technology today.

We realised that while humanity had never been more plugged in, we've actually never felt less connected.


Building off the new brand proposition'Bringing us closer', we developed a brand based on meaningful connections made in different ways.

The new vidual identity embodies this in a fresh, minimalist style. We've defined two core colours for the brand, that come together as a soft gradient across different touchpoints. The “O”, a hero graphic element can be used to zoom in on different types of connection and used as a cropping device for content.

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Our commissioned set of illustrations show real life scenarios, and our photography is authentic and human. Both demonstrating the brand’s focus on creating meaningful connections.

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With a new strategic direction and visual identity, this is a brand that exudes the warmth and personality needed in our digital age. We’ve set the tone for Cox’s future, giving them scope to create more moments of genuine human connection in whatever they do next.

"We want to help customers think more about how they connect and create more meaningful moments that make life magical."Mark Greatrex — Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.

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