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Traditionally Hotels have been booked ‘per night’. And then one day a Paris start-up called Dayuse asked, 'What if you could book hotels, just for the day?' Giving guests access to rooms, meeting spaces, pools, gyms - everything a hotel can offer, all during daylight hours.

For hotels, it’s a whole new way to make the most of their spaces. For guests, it’s a whole new way to make the most of their days. It’s a twist on a traditional industry, a new kind of experience, and through our work with Dayuse – a new kind of story to tell.

That story, began with a phrase; ‘Stay Open’. A reflection of what Dayuse allows guests and hotels to do, and an attitude that drives their business. A spirit of possibility and invitation, infused across the new identity.

With the ‘what’ defined, the 'how' needed to be created. DesignStudio set about defining the unique style and flavour that would set Dayuse apart. And to do that, we created a distinctive cocktail of two ingredients; Honey and Ginger

The first expressing smooth, seamless functionality, along with comfort, warmth and familiar ‘sweetness’. The second representing a kick of the unexpected, the cheekier, more playful side of the business, where you’ll also find passion, romance and ‘heat'. From formal meetings to dangerous liaisons, with the right mix of honey and ginger, this brand is both.

Another key element of the Dayuse brand, is time. Something reflected in the clock-face inspired logo. And across the visual system, which comprises a patchwork of moments, each a window on a mood, time of day or a service.

From the daylight hues in the brand’s colours and photography, to the sensory snapshots of Berlin Michelle’s illustrations, everything is designed to highlight hotels in their best light, and to inspire guests with every possible experience they could fit into a day.

In a world of hotel-aggregator sites and black and white booking forms, Dayuse as a business, and now brand, is a burst of something different. A tapestry of moments and moods, from quiet focus to spicy romance, all woven together across the course of a day. Something unlike anything else out there. A new approach to an industry, that breaks conventions, and from our first meeting in Paris, to the brand’s launch, exactly the kind of business we love to partner with.

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“Right from the start the chemistry with DesignStudio was right. At the first meeting we felt their enthusiasm and eagerness - they shared thinking and ideas that demonstrated deep research beyond anyone else we’d met. Understanding both the consumer and hotelier side for a brand with such an unusual offer, led them to create our ‘honey’ and ‘ginger’ strategy - totally unique within this industry and the results (even before launch) have blown us away.”David Lebée, Founder, Dayuse
“Dayuse not only changed the way people experience hotels but opened up the door to innovative solutions to answer a real need in the market. They created space for a more fluid and flexible way of living and working so, we built a brand that embrace this philosophy and encourage everyone to stay open to new adventures.”Alexis Sellal, Creative Director, DesignStudio

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