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A second-hand marketplace for the cool kids of London, Paris, New York, and LA; depop is a cultural sensation. While their following was growing fast, they didn’t have one singular proposition to rally behind.

We decided to start a movement, and created ‘We the unfollowers’. It’s about what it means to be part of depop’s community; rejecting the norms, being proudly yourself, going beyond the basic.

Celebrating the depop community
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This drove the spirit and brand work; including typeface, colour, tone of voice, and ultimately the logo itself. The logo is too wide, the typeface is too bold, the colour is default. The look and feel was based on urban DIY shop signage – so it stood out. Loud and proud.

The tone of voice was drawn directly from the community and was encouraging to all types of people. No wrong. No right. You look good already.

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This new look and feel cemented depop’s place in urban youth culture,the app's now a staple item on most smartphones for the under 25s.

We went on to work with depop again, to conceptualise and create their first ever global campaign. Where big ad agencies had missed the point, we took the project right back to where it should have started; the users. Instead of projecting our own voice, we used bios straight from Depop’s community to show the world exactly what it’s about. Don’t know what ‘bad bish style y2k’ is? Download the app and find out.

Following the launch of its fresh new brand identity, and a campaign that stayed true to its audience, Depop’s following has skyrocketed.

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