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Insurance. It’s clouded with confusion and many under 30’s can’t see the need for it and certainly don’t trust it. Getsafe is a digital insurance startup that’s reshaping the industry: no paperwork, no confusing contracts, and personalisation options. Our challenge was to evolve the brand to make it more relevant for their audience and ready for launch in the UK market and beyond.


In the UK, the world of insurance is saturated. We needed a fresh angle. Insurance exists because of risk, but typically insurers avoid talking about it. We decided to face this head-on and encourage Getsafe to be more positive and straight-talking about the accidents that happen and the risks people take. With Getsafe, you’ve got it covered.


The identity system embraces happy accidents—those moments when you make a mistake, but it works out in the end to make things unexpectedly better. Like life, the logo is imperfect and waves out of line. And the same goes for the bespoke typeface that we developed with good type foundry which we’ve named ‘Adieu Accident’.

In addition to the core assets, we created an unconventional set of 3D assets which show crumpling iPhones, disappearing bikes and deflating dogs. Instead of stock imagery and faceless comms, our art direction uses smiley portraits of people who know that when ‘life happens’, they’ve got it covered.

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We created a design system that can adapt to different moments. The colour palette is luminous and eye-popping for outdoor ads, but more muted for the website and digital experience. Likewise, the tone of voice dials up and down. Big headlines have attitude and terms and conditions provide clarity.

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Everyone in the company is really proud of the new brand and has been incredibly engaged throughout the process. It’s exciting to see Getsafe launching in the UK with a brave new brand.

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