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With thousands of online courses and world-class training providers, Go1 unlocks people’s potential through a love of learning. Hugely successful growth since their 2015 launch meant opportunities to break into bigger markets worldwide. Go1 needed a brand to better reflect the business they’d become, and to help them hold their own against competitors with established reputations.


We partnered with Go1 to tap into what makes them compelling. We saw that corporate learning could be transformed into a personalised, agile, ever-evolving experience. One that tracks progress and motivates people; fitting seamlessly into any system, application or context. Go1 ensures organisations stay fit for the future, giving them the resources they need 
to engage and motivate their people.

Design system


We developed the brand concept 'Learn Athletic'; a call to action for teams to adapt and grow to face challenges, like an athlete training for greatness. It demanded a brand with personality, movement, and high energy.

We created a playful new mark and visual system, connecting blocks of content the way Go1 interlinks its different topics, content, and courses around a learner’s needs. Partnering with Camilo Huinca, we created a suite of illustrations which champion the people at the heart of the learning experience.

Website redesign
Illustrations by Camilo Huinca
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We worked closely with Go1’s team to redesign their website and mobile product, bringing the brand to life digitally and adding distinction in a crowded marketplace.

Mobile redesign
The new brand identity feels like home. It provides us with a new ability to reflect our personality and capability in everything that we do, not constrained by the past. Our rapid growth into new customer areas, markets and products means that we can now reflect that diversity of offering simply and effectively. Layla Foord. VP of Product


Go1 now has a brand that’s full of energy and ready to go global. With a robust strategic framework guiding company decisions from here on out, we look forward to seeing Go1’s spirit manifest itself across all touchpoints.

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The DesignStudio team felt like an extension of Go1, embedding themselves with our team, customers and partners to understand the nuances of our business and how we operate. For us, it was critical that we reflect not only the state of learning today, but the direction the market is moving. DesignStudio has delivered on that clear narrative.Chris Eigeland, Co-founder & COO.

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