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Leveraging advanced machine learning and computer vision technology, Impira built a beautiful and powerful visual content platform. Ahead of their much anticipated public launch, Impira was looking for a partner to help define their brand identity.

As a newcomer in a crowded space, we knew we had to not only help them rise above, but also create a flexible identity that could scale with them and their rapidly growing team.

Collaborative meetings
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Working with DesignStudio was a true partnership, with lots of iteration, back and forth, and creativity. In the end, they produced some incredible work that not only looks great but truly captures the spirit of our company and where we want to go.Ankur Goyal – Founder and CEO of Impira


Working collaboratively with Impira’s founder, Ankur Goyal, and his team, we immersed ourselves in their world. Thinking beyond traditional category codes, themes began to emerge around clarity, radical efficiency, connection, and above all, Impira’s role in enabling teams and individuals to live and work better in the moment to make meaningful happen.

Shape Generative system
Creative Process
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Designing a system around ‘Make Meaningful’, we layered highly structured grids with dynamic shapes in motion. Used together, they displayed the interplay between structure and creativity. The system was infused with a color palette that complimented the brand’s curated photography, and a new logo that nods to the mental state of creative flow.

Design System
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Brand Guideline Portal


Impira publicly launched in 2019 to great excitement within the industry and beyond. In the month’s following, the Company raised nearly $32 million, bringing it to a $100 million valuation with an impressive portfolio including the likes of Goop, StitchFix, and The Real Real.

The brand not only allowed the Company to stand out, but provided a platform for scaling beyond Digital Asset Management, as Impira truly represents so much more.

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