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Klarstein is the flagship brand of Berlin Brands Group, who we’ve been working closely with to create a new brand architecture, visual identity and product offer, as well as defining the ethos inside and out.

If it’s found in the home, Klarstein probably make it. Appliances, electricals, kitchenware, gadgets and furniture. All made to be brilliantly functional, widely affordable – all proudly curated in Berlin.

That ethos is captured in the phrase ‘Made for Living’. Something which came from spending time with the Klarstein team, and reflects their belief that good design doesn’t live in brochures or blueprints – but in real life.

Sinead Kirby, Strategist, DesignStudio

"We wanted to shift people's mindsets and look beyond the functionality of the home by turning spaces into modes and products into moments. By doing this we could focus more on the life that is lived within the home, giving greater meaning and thought to the moments that make up our day to day"

'Made for Living’ doesn’t mean making products that look great and cost a fortune, but then let you down on a Monday morning.

It means thinking about what customers really need (rather than what you can convince them to buy) and sets a standard for the business as a whole, whether it’s in product design, marketing, or customer service – if it’s all style but no substance, it’s not Klarstein.

Inspired by Klarstein’s name (meaning clear stone), we created a new marque - a diamond crafted with two K's. We also helped develop bespoke typography, an adaptable colour palette, and an approach to photography that puts product benefits front and centre.

Providing a comprehensive new brand experience for Klarstein across all platforms. With a focus on function, we introduced ‘Home Modes’, a way of categorising products by use, simply expressed with minimalist icons created by the team at DesignStudio.

Matt Cox, Designer, DesignStudio

"The new design system has helped to simplify and categorise Klarstein's product range whilst retaining their playful attitude. BBG have been amazing to work with, always wanting to raise the creative bar. It's going to be an exciting future!"

Klarstein are continuing to grow and we’re delighted to be part of it. We've already helped reimagine their digital shop experience, and handled their first ever OOH brand campaign across Berlin – watch this space for more info!

Katja Eulau, BBG

"Our goal was to create a contemporary and modern brand for Klarstein. The new identity reflects our new brand purpose: Made for Living. DesignStudio understood and implemented this beautifully."

None of this could have happened without our awesome partners. So thank you Pia, Dinah, Katja, Peter, Thomas & Henrik and the entire team at Berlin Brands Group - and a special thanks to Alberto Romanos from Branding with Type.

Pia Hospes, BBG

"DesignStudio immediately realised what Klarstein is all about. We had a lot of fun working together and are beyond proud of the great results!"

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