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From within the Shopify family, e-commerce start-up Oberlo came to us with ambitious plans: to build on its current offering (dropshipping), and evolve the business into an all-encompassing platform for entrepreneurship. Courses, tutorials, business tools, the works. Our challenge was positioning Oberlo as an exciting lifestyle option for anyone itching to start their own thing.


After immersing ourselves in the world of dropshipping, a few things were clear: we needed to move out of the world of get-rich-quick schemes, and capture the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in an authentic way. Failure needed reframing, and community needed celebrating as the powerful tool it has become. It was also time for Oberlo to stand side-by-side with Shopify as an exciting, independent brand in its own right.


Instead of your typical strategic proposition, we created a motivational 4-step ethos: Start something. Be relentless. Stay Real. Raise the Bar. It never stops looping – because what entrepreneur is ever finished or satisfied? Not only encouraging hard work, this mantra is there to inspire company decisions and keep everyone hungry for a better industry.

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Visually and verbally, we created a language based on the DIY attitude of the entrepreneur. Instead of projecting a picture-perfect world of business, we’re giving you the true hustle: sweat, real talk, stuff that’s under construction. Alongside the grit, we also created a bespoke holographic texture, signifying a sense of reward – and encouraging users to raise the bar across everything they do.

Alongside our bold type, tone of voice, and colour palette, we commissioned illustrators Guy Field and Appear Offline to add another dimension. Scrappy, rebellious, and irreverent, their illustrations subvert traditional business tropes and give everything a ‘work in progress’ feel.


We’re excited to have helped Oberlo pivot as a business: from a transaction-based SaaS tool, to an inspiration hub that goes far beyond dropshipping. There’s a bold new strategy in place to drive all future growth, and a visual system that’s full of character and originality. But, most importantly, Oberlo now has the brand to inspire new entrepreneurs, encouraging everyone to create the lifestyle that suits them.

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DesignStudio worked with us to draw out the truths and values that would form the foundations of the Oberlo brand. The resulting brand strategy was put into action internally long before the distinctive visual identity was complete. With the world changing around us as the pandemic developed, the brand behaviours gave us the confidence to adapt our approach, stay real with our audience, and be relentless in our pursuit of this reimagined Oberlo.Venetia Anderson, Senior Brand Strategist, Oberlo

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