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Panasonic Personal Care Global Rebrand by DesignStudio London Design Studio

Re-writing the rules of self-care


Panasonic is recognised the world over for its premium TVs and cameras. But fewer people would associate it with personal care. So Panasonic approached DesignStudio with the aim of shifting this global perception.

We all need self-care. Even simple, everyday routines like brushing your teeth or drying your hair are crucial to feeling good inside and out. Panasonic knows personal care is essential, and believes it has a role to play in helping people maintain their authentic selves.


Yet brands in the personal care category typically eschew authenticity, promoting unrealistic standards, pushing unachievable appearances or using tech jargon that would confuse the best of us.


Panasonic has opted to break away from this impractical and unobtainable world, redefining personal self-care by embracing real, everyday routines in a natural and honest way. 

Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with golden glue — rendering the fault-lines beautiful and strong. This philosophy has long carried into beauty and wellness, teaching us to celebrate our flaws and imperfections as the things that make us truly beautiful and unique. Teaching us to truly embrace our authentic selves.

We created an inviting brand inspired by these values that aligned perfectly with Panasonic’s strategic vision, “Invested in you”, which encourages consumers to invest in themselves to find their true self and wealth.

The brand is brought to life through its elegant, intuitive layout system. Calming, approachable colours and easy-to-understand iconography add warmth and clarity to every interaction. And with beautiful product renders and new lifestyle photography, we’re setting a new standard for personal care that embraces a natural, welcoming look and feel.

DesignStudio has been the perfect partner, helping us bring our strategic vision to life. They understood our challenge completely and used their creative flair to ensure that we positively change the personal care category from unobtainable beauty standards to honest and relatable self care routines. With our beautiful and sophisticated brand rolling out across the world, we’re proud to have partnered with DesignStudio and are looking forward to sharing more of our work together.

Amaya Albisu
Head of Marketing Communications Group, Panasonic

As the new range of products hits shelves around the world, DesignStudio is excited to continue to partner with Panasonic, looking to the future at more exciting things to come.

None of this could have happened without our wonderful partners. So thank you Amaya, Paul, Miki and the entire team at Panasonic — and a special thanks to Daniel Rous for our stunning product renders and Rose Pilkington for the beautiful CGI.