Spendesk : Don't be a dinosaur

Lorenzo Di Cola 2/26/2021

Spendesk are a modern expense and spend management solution for businesses in Europe and the US. We partnered with them to help develop a campaign to reflect their young, fun company culture.

The team at Spendesk developed a software that lets you manage expenses in minutes. Tracking spending. Managing subscriptions. Approvals. Reimbursements - all in one place. When it comes to doing expenses the question was clear - why do you still have to use systems that feel so prehistoric?

So we collaborated with Jonathan Vermersch and introduced the dinos!

We pictured these creatures struggling to get work done. Imagine how difficult it is for finance teams to use ancient softwares, stamps, forms, go through piles of receipts trying to keep track of everything. It is time to evolve.

Alongside our dinos we needed a typeface which could frame those lovely creatures while they go mad trying to accomplish their tasks. Sans serifs and serifs on the market weren’t quite working. All these hyper polished fonts made to work perfectly on digital weren’t what we were looking for. We needed to go back to basics.

So we created Jurassic Sans.

A typeface that a caveman could have designed if they had crayons, paper and a scanner. The grunge texture and the rough edges gives a prehistoric touch which marries with our colourful dinosaurs. This is a font that doesn’t belong to the modern age and goes against any kind of typographic rule. The kerning makes you go raaarrrgghhh, there is no ‘baseline’, the size of the letters change in scale as we build the headlines around the dinosaurs. It’s probably one of the ‘worst’ typefaces we have ever designed but we love it!

Digital poster for Berlin. Translation: 'The biggest thing to happen to business expenses in 65 million years'

On the other side there is a new age with our modern humans. Evolved human beings who are tired of prehistoric processes and decided to make the right choice.

It’s been one of the most fun campaigns we have worked on in the last 65 million years and we’re excited to see all the dinos populating the internet and complaining about their jobs. Keep an eye out as you might spot a tyrannosaurus on your insta feed.

By Lorenzo Di Cola 2/26/2021

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