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Australian fintech Beforepay has been on an explosive growth journey since launching in 2019. With over 300k users, a team which has grown 10x and plans for U.S. expansion, the time was right to reposition their brand and product to support their long term ambitions.

Beforepay provides financial relief to those who find themselves stretched by life’s unexpected pressures, helping them access their pay on demand through fair and responsible finance.

Working closely with the Beforepay team, we got deep into the hard truths and confusing realities of personal finance. Looking around the sector, the competition fall into several camps; traditional & rigid, predatory & exploitative or frivolous & irresponsible.

It became clear there was an opportunity to position Beforepay around empowerment, trust and flexibility. Helping you access money you’ve already earned, exactly when you need it.

A purposeful brand strategy and framework, centred around the proposition ‘Set Your Rhythm’, charts the course for the new brand. Supported by brand behaviours, messaging frameworks and tone of voice to bring the strategy to life in every branded moment.

The new strategy clarifies the role they play in consumers' lives, supporting and empowering them to take control of their financial wellbeing.

Building on this spirit of empowerment and motion, we created a vibrant, engaging world for the brand.

From energetic patterns and an uplifting colour palette, to a relatable tone of voice and a bold icon which begs to be pressed.

Each element of the brand is designed to reinforce an optimistic but approachable tone, whilst paying attention to the tiny details which matter most.

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We pinpointed crucial moments in the app that were struggling to retain and convert users into customers. These insights helped inform the way we brought the brand to life in product, creating clearer communications and more engaging moments within the user journey.

We made sure we built tools for the team to meet their consumers where they are, on social and in app. Digital stickers for use in chat and social media help the team add personality and flavour to the smaller and more frequent moments of brand interaction.

To add an unexpected element to the brand, we created Billy. Beforepay’s brand icon that transforms into a playful, emotive character full of motion and interaction. Billy flexes across specific moments of interaction during the product journey, digital and social.

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With the new brand and product out in the wild, we’re thrilled to have helped Beforepay reposition itself towards a more optimistic, supportive financial product, with the strategies and tools in place to support its exciting new phase of growth.

As the first mover and creators of a new sector, it was important for us to begin focusing on brand affinity and awareness. We sought DesignStudio's help to create a comprehensive brand strategy and identity that was packed with personality and would continue to position Beforepay as a global market leader in the Pay On Demand sector as we embark on our next phase of growth.Tarek Ayoub, Founder, Beforepay

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