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After a 20 year hiatus, professional basketball has returned to Taiwan. Following a successful inaugural season, the P.League+, Taiwan's pro basketball league is expanding by welcoming two new teams to the fold.

At the start of 2021 DesignStudio Sydney partnered with the team behind the newest franchise to the league, the New Taipei Kings, to bring the team and its mission to life.

The New Taipei Kings are out to disrupt what it means to be a contemporary sports team in Taiwan. From advanced sports science and mental health programs that support their athletes, to the way they engage local communities; a 5 hour pre-game tailgate with local Taipei night market vendors.

Even how they inspire and uplift the next generation through their academy. Coaching young players through the game and off the court with entrepreneurial programs to build the next generation of Taiwan's innovators.

Working closely with the key stakeholders behind the team including Phil Chen CEO, the Taiwanese government and the P.League+ founder and CEO Charles Chen we developed a rigorous strategic toolkit to guide the team on their mission and inspire the brand.

At the core of our strategy, a rallying cry, a chant and an anthem 'Crown The City.' A clarion call to arms for the team, the fans and community reaffirming their determination to uplift and empower New Taipei City, on and off the court.

We then built a comprehensive strategic and messaging toolkit to help the Kings raise their voice, from mission statements and strategic principles to a team story, manifesto and tone of voice guidance. Ensuring their passion, purpose and voice can never be confused for another.

Around this passionate core we built a dynamic and energetic brand system. Inspired by the pace and energy of the game. Dynamic typography ensures this spirit is captured through every aspect of the brand, whilst the team's colours yellow, black and white reference the traditional colours of Chinese emperors, a subtle nod to the Kings' regality.

Building a sports team's brand presents unique challenges and opportunities around the diverse ways a brand has to show up. We embraced this need for flexibility and created a family of distinct brand marks designed to proudly support the team.

From the chest of a jersey, to the hem of a pair of shorts right through to centre court and even a cheer squad, each creating a subtle connection back to the hero mark.

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Working closely with NTK in the build up to their launch, we crafted each and every moment for the team. From kits to courts, balls to branded merchandise, comms and even (paper) crowns. Making sure that every touch point had the same vibe and energy to electrify the fans.

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New Taipei City is a diverse region, representing 29 individual districts and with 4.1M potential fans to speak to, we knew the brand had a job to do in demonstrating connection to the team's new home.

We created distinct logos for each of New Taipei City's districts, drawing upon local characteristics, architecture and even cuisine to give them a purposeful connection to place.

These become part of the fan and game day experience, from flags on centre court, merchandise and even food and beverage packaging. Weaving the fans and their communities into the story of the Kings.

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As launch day has approached we've worked closely with the team to equip them with everything they'd need for the big day from brand films and social announcements to training kits, game days jerseys, comms tool kits and merchandise.

We're thrilled to see how the team and the brand have been embraced by fans and the communities they're here to represent. As the New Taipei Kings take the court for their inaugural season, we can't wait to follow them on their journey to transform basketball in Taiwan. On and off the court.

"With ambitions of winning the championship and elevating basketball scene in Taiwan, New Taipei Kings needed a brand and voice that resonated with the fans, but more importantly to instill pride amongst the people of New Taipei City. Though we weren't able to collaborate in person, we truly appreciate DesignStudio's ways of working that helped tackle the time difference, language barriers, and the identity of our basketball team.

DesignStudio laid the foundation for our brand and team, but also provided us with the ammunition to take the New Taipei Kings to new heights."

Roger Yang, Marketing Manager

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