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DesignStudio rebrands Airtm, the world's most connected digital wallet Design Studio

It's your money, take control

Airtm is the world’s most connected digital wallet. Founded in Latin America in 2015, the brand pioneered a groundbreaking proposition: a digital dollar account and market for people grappling with the life-altering impact of economic instability and hyperinflation. 

As their mission to provide financial freedom to more people across the world grew, Airtm evolved to offer access to the global economy. With an account that can receive payments from anywhere in the world and the ability to transfer money into digital dollars, Airtm has expanded people’s ability to work and earn internationally, without the restrictions of their local economy or opportunities.

For a company with a bold vision, the existing Airtm brand was primitive and no longer reflected the mission driven vision of the future. The brand lacked distinctiveness against a sea of generic tech brands, devoid of personality.

They appointed us to develop a brand strategy and brand identity that reflects what AIRTM stands for. One that could encapsulate their ever-growing vision of the future, and work both internally and externally across the entire brand experience.

Importantly, as the AIRTM product is a cloud-based technology - a platform that is not necessarily familiar to all potential customers - our brand needed to instil trust and reassure users.

As we got to know AIRTM - the founders, the employees, the users - it was clear that their mission and ethos were much bigger than the business itself. Through a series of workshops with the entire AIRTM team, we developed a cohesive brand strategy to represent AIRTM and their vision of a fairer future. 

This strategy is underpinned by the reason they exist: “Liberating your global potential. Empowering Latin America to ignite a fairer financial future.” The essence of this strategy was distilled to form AIRTM’s brand idea: "Liberate potential", which sits as the foundation of the brand identity.

DesignStudio were the perfect partners, collaborating with our team and users to truly understand who we are, what we stand for and what they need. Our distinctive new brand shows the world that, through Airtm, people are able to unleash their global potential.

Ruben Galindo Steckel
CEO at Airtm

At the heart of our brand is our AIRTM prism, our logo. The prism both conceptually and visually inspires our whole brand world and exudes the notion of liberated potential. The refraction of light represents the idea of possibility being magnified through AIRTM and is captured within the wordmark – the crossbar of the A illustrating the beam of light breaking through the prismic form.

Our photographic art direction, shot with Colombian photographer Mauricio González in collaboration with David agency, brings refraction behind the lens to create a distinctly AIRTM look for the brand. Meanwhile, we have an extensive suite of 3D prismic textures, boldly and vibrantly representing our prism throughout all communications.

Through our tone of voice, AIRTM encourages users to take control, using language that inspires and challenges. The design detail in our logotype naturally extends into our custom icon suite to give a sense of prismic beams of light. Our illustration style continues the prismic refraction idea with a series of custom illustrations, bringing a human touch and a sense of warmth to the digital product experience.

Airtm’s distinctive new brand encapsulates their ever-growing vision of the future. By galvanising their internal team and supporting their growth across existing and new markets, AIRTM is now able to reach millions more people who need them.

Congratulations and thank you to the Airtm team: Ruben, Josh, Nico, Laura, Lina, Omar, Gus, Migeul, Sergio, Jero, Joanna, Tom, Lisa.


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  • Visual identity

Project team

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