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GetYourGuide’s online marketplace for tours, tickets, and attractions helps people find the most exciting experiences worldwide. They’d grown quickly in a short space of time, and wanted to keep the momentum up with a new brand. We needed to help them engage with people on an emotional level, and be remembered as part of the holiday – not just a functional third party.


We worked closely, even sending our team around the world to experience their product first-hand. Getting to experience the product for ourselves gave us better insight into exactly which parts of the process needed change.

Spending time getting to know GetYourGuide


We landed on the strategic proposition ‘Love where you’re going.’ By ‘curing chaos’, ‘joining journeys’, and ‘seeking incredible’, GetYourGuide enables everyone to love where they’re going. It was a story that needed to be told globally.

We looked at the whole brand; purpose, look, feel, and digital experience. We created an identity that felt energetic and colourful, playing with sequence to visualise fun ways of getting from A–B. (And only ever showing only the most incredible tours worth booking.)

Our dynamic line language interacts with typography to create our wordmark – written out in full, abbreviated, or simplified down to a simple ‘G’ to become a bold icon in the app.

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"DesignStudio helped us evolve from a transaction-oriented start-up into the globally leading brand for travel experiences. Their work has had a meaningful impact on millions of travellers around the world."Johannes Reck, CEO & Co-Founder, GetYourGuide


We’ve created a visual system that really reflects what GetYourGuide do: plan seamless itineraries that make holidays less stressful and more fun.

Six months after launch, GetYourGuide received almost 500 million in funding.

We’ve seen customer satisfaction soar and have collaborated on a national TVC campaign. We’ve also helped GetYourGuide with an incredible internal brand launch, including specially-crafted furniture and wayfinding for its head office, plus an experiential day out for employees.

With talk of launching its own products too, we look forward to seeing our strategy help GetYourGuide’s customers make even more amazing memories.

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