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Worn by some of the most talented hip hop artists of recent decades, Tommy Jeans has been a fashion icon since the 90’s. But huge growth into new markets after 2000 brought new challenges. The brand had gained popularity with mass consumers (losing some ‘cool’), and only had one recognisable asset: its logo. The mark no longer stood for anything. There was no clear call-to-arms, and plenty of confusion with parent brand Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Jeans needed to reclaim its attitude and build on it for a digital, social-led audience; cherishing the brand’s appeal to mid-30’s businessmen, without losing the appeal of edgy, young creatives.


‘Americana’ has always been Tommy’s main inspiration, but what is the American dream today? And how’s it relevant to the rest of the world? We combined Tommy’s history with today’s current climate, defining an optimistic, modern Americana that resonates with Gen Z. Instead of picket fences and pep rallies, Tommy’s about dreaming big no matter where you come from, celebrating diverse creativity from around the globe.

We created an exciting toolkit that refreshed Tommy Jeans’ look and feel. This meant evolving iconic elements of the existing brand, and combining them with new typography, art direction, and tone of voice. We helped Tommy define its photography style. We’ve left high-school football fields behind, in favour of interesting urban locations around the world. We also introduced motion, taking Tommy Jeans into the digital world for good.

Layout system based on the Tommy flag
Graphic tape inspired by the boxer band

To appeal to everyone in Tommy’s hugely varied audience, we created a strategic framework and content plan for all of our creative. Our content and style flexes for ‘TikTok teens’ and ‘smart-casual corporates’ alike, determined by the channels they use and the places they engage with the brand.

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Taking a fresh approach to ‘Americana’ and building a cohesive social framework to suit a diverse audience, we’ve given Tommy Jeans an exciting digitally-led brand. One that’s ready to reclaim its place in the fashion and music world once and for all.

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