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DesignStudio rebrands UEFA Champions League Design Studio
UEFA Champions League

Highlighting the moments that make the ultimate stage


The UEFA Champions League is a spectacle that captures the imaginations of millions of fans across the world.

The brand needed to evolve to continue to inspire, captivate and remain relevant for audiences and partners – living up to its promise of being ‘best of the best on the ultimate stage'.


Our approach was to focus on ‘the moments that make the ultimate stage’ – to hero legendary feats of ability, brilliance and skill on the pitch, while providing teams and partners a platform to inspire beyond the stadium.

The centrepiece of the new brand identity is our Starball. Crafted from light, it frames and illuminates spectacular moments that transcend sport – allowing the brand to scale from the artful flick of a player’s ankle, to iconic hero stadium views. This new visual language underlines the brand’s prestige with a renewed focus on elegance and understated confidence.


Working across every aspect of brand experience; print and marketing communications, broadcast, in-stadium, social, digital, merchandise and commercial partnerships, we ensured the highest standards were achieved across every touchpoint.

Working with DesignStudio, UEFA chose to amplify the brand and signal a bold step forward for club football's most prestigious competition.


We were able to focus the flagship brand on the flashes of sporting brilliance that makes the competition so alluring.

With a renewed sense of dynamism and energy, the brand is better equipped to embrace the future of football in a stronger, bolder way that sets the benchmark for tomorrow.

Ongoing partnership

Our partnership with UEFA has endured for many years and we've continued to work together to create iconic identities for the Champions League Finals. Our system allows for the creation of dynamic and differentiated reflections of host cities. For each identity, we work with a local artist to bring a modern and meaningful representation of the city hosting them.