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Premier League has been a national treasure for decades, but always existed alongside headline sponsors. After separating from Barclays in 2015, it was time to become their own brand for the first time. We helped them discover what that wa

Despite being a hugely inclusive league, involved in grassroots projects and community work around the country, Premier League wasn’t getting the right press or championing its strengths. Their visual identity also wasn’t working, with a logo and design language that needed better visibility across all channels, in an advanced digital age.


Getting to know the league, it was overwhelming to see the amount of people who make the league what it is. Not just the superstar players and celebrity managers, but the die-hard fans of all ages, pitch-side stewards, and hospitality staff. This was undoubtedly what made Premier League special, and the story we knew had to be told through our creative proposition: We All Make It.

"It's not the amount of pitches built, it's the lives changed on them"Richard Masters, Managing Director


We turned statistics into stories, giving Premier League a framework to show the world its human side.

Preserving Premier League’s heritage, we evolved the iconic lion motif to create a modern, graphic mark that scaled properly and looked incredible among its competitors – within the sports sector and beyond.

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The new design system transformed Premier League into a vibrant, engaging brand experience across all channels; from broadcast and in-stadium graphics, to corporate comms, international events, web and social content, and advertising. We helped Premier League manage this colossal rollout, working with their teams over an intense five-week period to reveal the new brand.

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Five years on, ‘We All Make It’ continues to live on as a strong vision in everything Premier League does – visually, and socially. We’ve been excited to see the brand go from strength to strength through new community activities, TV commercials and its ability to communicate meaningful stories to a global audience.

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